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Spadét @ Queens College Campus Store

Harlem, New York (October 13, 2017) – Spadét Corporation., the founder of Spadét and Queens College, have begun a collaboration on October 13, 2017 to start selling Spadét products in the campus store.

Founded in 2014, Spadét manufactures pure, all natural and non-toxic personal care products using green chemistry with zero waste. Annabelle Santos, founder, began making products to relieve her daughter’s sensitive skin problems. With her degree in biochemistry, she decided to take the product line one step further to help people with sensitive skin.

The products available on the campus store includes staple products such as the O’Live Castile soap, Hydra Pure Shampoo, and Body Lotion. These products are made with organic extra virgin olive oil and other all natural ingredients. Spadét products are pure, non-toxic and sustainable for the environment. They can be used for all skin types, ages and recommended for those with skin allergies.

“My products were created to help my child, but it is my mission to serve all children,” said Annabelle Santos, CEO of Spadét, “and partnering with Queens College enables Spadét to be more accessible to them as they begin making their own purchasing decisions and taking care of their skin.”

Spadét products are also available in select Whole Foods stores and will be expanding to six more stores in New York City by the beginning of November.


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