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Spadét (pronounced spa day) products are made with nourishing ingredients from the garden for your entire body. They are good for all skin types and are recommended for allergy sufferers and skin sensitivities. I have developed a proprietary saponification process for producing deep cleansing Olive Castile Soap and moisturizing olive glycerin using the first cold-pressed olive oil from a USA-based farm. This makes the skin and hair look and feel better, and is good for you too! Spadét's active ingredients are highly bioavailable and allow nutrients to be absorbed by the body into deeper layers of skin, in order to promote cell rejuvenation. They are also gentle and moisturizing to protect the skin microbiome. Each product offers preventive and restorative benefits that promote a healthier lifestyle and younger-looking skin. We are all looking for value in a product that does it all, with the best ingredients, luxurious feel, and light scent, which instantly delivers results. With so many people developing skin sensitivities to chemicals, allergens, and synthetic fragrances, they need to find products with ingredients that they trust to be safe and non-toxic, ingredients that help to prevent discomfort and restore balanced skin.

As a Biochemist, I learned about the special properties of olives, herbs, and flowers, and how to formulate products in a way to make them robust and effective at addressing skin issues, preventing discomfort, reversing early signs of aging, and overall wellness. I started creating solutions for my daughter's eczema in 2008. Every ingredient in each product is added with the intent to serve an important purpose. There are no fillers, no gimmicks, no marketing tricks, no toxins or fake anything. Our formulas are simple, however the chemistry is complex (most of which were intentional, while others are the result of divine intervention, aka an "accident". Either way, they are designed to help you to fall in love with your skin!  Enjoy these self-care regimens, and as you apply the product, appreciate the beauty and wisdom of nature's garden. They are the source of the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that help to promote radiant, smooth and flawless skin. My focus is not only on avoiding allergens and relieving skin problems, but also in preventing future concerns from occurring prematurely, all without side effects.  I hope Spadét products can help you to lead a more comfortable and confident lifestyle, as it does for me and my family!

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All natural olive oil skincare treatments are safe for sensitive skin, dry skin, flaking scalp, eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, skin allergies with anti-aging and antioxidant vitamins for healthier skin.

This is a mural that hangs in our studio (shown above) featuring a garden of natural ingredients used in Spadét products; olive, coconut, aloe, lavender, rose, witch hazel, orange. There is an elderly man, woman and child embracing, laughing and relaxing, enjoying the garden by the reflection pool. Illustrated by Emily 




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