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Hello, I am Annabelle, the Founder of Spadét (pronounced spa day).

I began making products to help my 2 year old who suffered from eczema. Using my background in biochemistry, hands-on experience treating those with skin sensitivities, and the perseverance to help others, I have developed all natural treatments over the last 14 years that deliver on their efficacy and value.

I was the first member of my family to be born in America. My parents immigrated from the Philippines and worked 3 jobs to provide for us and send money back home. I was a latch-key kid. I had to figure things out with limited support. I made mistakes, but I learned from them and never gave up. Those struggles helped me to become resilient and fearless. My dream is to become the first member of my family to enjoy financial freedom. 

My products launched at Whole Foods Market in June 2017. That is when Spadét grew out of the lab in the basement of my NYC apt and into a small workshop in Harlem. By March 2020, just days before Covid-19 descended upon New York City, Spadét launched in all of the Whole Foods Markets in NY, NJ, and CT.  Spadét's new studio is located a few blocks away from Lincoln Center, where I have a small retail shop, lab and treatment room.

I am dedicated to enriching the lives of my community and have grown to meet the needs of my customers by offering Energy Bodywork, Skin Treatments and DIY (Do It Yourself) Workshops. I target physical pain through energetic healing and Spadét products simultaneously. The skin, gut and brain are interconnected, so along with better sleep, vitamins and simple stretches, I aim to lead others to a healthier lifestyle.


Spadét products are made with olives, herbs and flowers. I source my extra virgin olive oil from a local US farm, where it takes 30 days to saponify the oil into soap and glycerin, using a 19th century cold-process (no heat) that retains the vitamins, antioxidants and antibacterial properties of olives to make the purest, safest and most nourishing skin, body and hair products. Because of the unique ability of saponified olive oil and glycerin to be miscible in both water and oil, our formulas can penetrate into the deeper layers of skin to provide antioxidant support and promote healthier looking skin.  

Through years of extensive research and clinical findings, as well as other researchers as determined by experienced physicians with specialty training and publications, my mentor, Majid Ali, MD supports that "Nutrition is essential for the health of the mind, body and skin, All body organs get their nutrition from blood. Natural products that promote blood flow support healthier skin". 


With love and gratitude,