Whether you need light touch or deep tissue, we guarantee full body relaxation.  We use a combination of vibrational sounds, reiki, other energy healing modalities, and stretches to target lower back, shoulders and hips, to release and promote circulation and energy flow within your body. Please wear loose fitting pants or shorts / tank top. 

Your treatment includes the use of CBD oils and creams (non-THC).

"My treatment with Annabelle was fantastic- the best I've ever had! Her healing energy worked its magic. I walked in with back and hip pain and left with no pain and an aura of well being. Also, her place is clean and lovely. You will love the experience with her." -Diane 

"Annabelle has performed bodywork on my shoulders and upper back with immediate results. She has also eased the pain in my wrist from carpal tunnel. Spadet has become a staple in my bi-monthly wellness regimen." - Claire G.


$150 per session (up to 1 hour)



Have you been struggling with a skin problem that has you breaking out, scratching, and anxiously trying to conceal it? I will customize the perfect skin regimen for YOU! I have worked with numerous clients who tried everything from steroids to bleach baths with no effect, and even caused other problems. We offer a safe and innovative way to gently purify and nourish your skin using olives, herbs and flowers.

Pricing varies. 

Recent Testimonial: "While having a consultation with my Doctor, an issue arose with my skin. The Dr. immediately went next door and Annabelle appeared with him to the rescue. I was introduced to her as a scientist who has knowledge of the skin. She came back with certain products and started to approach the issue, and to my amazement was able to clear the problem. I will always be grateful for her kind presence and help- she meant a lot- putting out the fire in an emergency. I purchased products for ongoing treatment and from then on am committed to someone who is so caring. I was then welcomed to her Studio - WOW - I 'm totally a fan of hers and the longevity of Spadet products." -Serena

Get results and discover an all natural regimen that is customized to suit your particular concerns, allergies and goals. Please inquire to schedule an appointment at 917-405-7595.



A holistic approach to support the whole person and whole body using a combination of energy sources and Spadet products to restore beauty, balance, vitality and inner peace. This one-of-a-kind treatment is designed to help you inside and out. Our comprehensive treatment clears away your skin and body aches using scrubs, masks, soaks, energy healing bodywork, reiki, sound and aromatherapy. Treatment is customized to address your individual needs. 

2 hours 

Please inquire for more information at 917-405-7595.