Boost Oxygen to Optimize Gut-Skin-Brain

Let's dive into the science behind oxygen and its critical role in our well-being. Oxygen serves as the primary source of energy production in our bodies, enabling cognitive function, muscle contraction, and the digestion of food. Furthermore, it contributes to essential processes such as wound healing, immune system function, elimination of diseased cells, and the synthesis of collagen, a vital structural protein. In essence, oxygen is a fundamental element for our overall health and vitality.

Now, when we experience an insufficient supply of oxygen, it can set off a chain reaction of detrimental effects on our gut, skin, and mental state. These effects manifest as uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, skin rashes, inflammation, fatigue, insomnia, depression, and difficulty focusing, among others.

The recent pandemic emphasized the importance of maintaining adequate oxygen levels within our bodies. Bacterial and fungal pathogens can disrupt our oxygen balance, leading to a condition known as hypoxia, characterized by an oxygen deficiency in tissues. This disruption can also result in an excessive production of acid in our bodily fluids and the loss of essential nutrients.

So, in the face of this scientific challenge, how can we bolster our blood oxygen levels when simply breathing isn't enough? That's the critical question we need to address with urgency.




Our ground breaking new dietary supplement that harnesses the power of our proprietary olive glycerin to reduce acid, relieve bloating, improve digestion, and helps to release serotonin and dopamine, which the brain needs for well-being.

Our next-gen formula retains all of the antioxidant properties of locally farmed extra virgin olive oil and oxygen boosting olive glycerin. We then add other all natural ingredients to create a dietary supplement that provides fibre, supports digestion, and aids nervous system. It is easy for anyone to take because it tastes so good (like a chocolate tootsie roll) and in liquid form so it's easy to swallow.

GUT SUPP INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, olive glycerin, date syrup, sunflower lecithin, agave syrup, natural flavor

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Gut supplement for healthy gut microbiome boosts oxygen in the body for mental health 


The molecular structureof glycerin is (C3H5(OH)3). The hydroxide ions (OH) combine to make H2O2. Once formed, H202 splits into water (H2O) and oxygen (O) due to an enzyme in the blood called catalase. This life-giving oxygen seamlessly integrates into our bloodstream, boosting optimal gut function and strengthening our immune system. All of the systems in our body rely on oxygen to make energy for our organs to function properly.  

Metabolic Oxygenation



As we look deeper into the intricate relationship between oxygen and our holistic approach to wellness, it is promising to learn that recent research has shed light on a correlation between insufficient oxygen and mental health disorders, as well as cognitive impairments such as early signs of dementia. The impact of Spadét's olive glycerin in boosting oxygen in the body to support these conditions along with acid-induced cancers is an approach that we are investigating in collaboration with leading research scientists at Rockefeller University. Other forms of oxygen therapy are already being used to support children with autism spectrum disorder, but is costly. We want oxygen boosting to be available for anyone to enjoy, so we made GUT Supp easy to swallow, affordable, and taste great too! 

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