Nourish your skin, gut, and brain with our life-sustaining olive glycerin!

We spent years perfecting our proprietary process and investigating its extraordinary effects on the human body. We recognized olive glycerin's potential for becoming our superpower early on due to its water solubility and unique capacity to dissolve in oils. This unique ability enables it to penetrate deep into your skin and bloodstream. This gives it the remarkable ability to increase oxygen levels and pH in your body. 

Within olive glycerin are three Hydroxide (OH) ions, waiting to unleash their unique power. Once inside your body, these ions transform into oxygen. It plays a pivotal role in breaking down food and generating the energy we need to thrive. Without sufficient oxygen, the processes of aging and disease gain momentum, causing havoc on our well-being.

As this occurs, olive glycerin's alkaline pH permeates your system to create an environment that combats bacteria and fungi, reduces inflammation and defends against illness. An acidic pH signals a deprivation of oxygen, and manifests as troublesome symptoms, such as acne, eczema, premature signs of aging, inflammation, and a compromised gut.

We are excited to share the extraordinary benefits of Olive Glycerin, and introduce oxygen and an alkaline pH as gateways to wellness. Join us in celebration, as we unveil the secrets to reactivating youth, vitality, and a vibrant gut for optimal wellness in the short and long term.