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The Local Skincare Garden

All natural olive oil skincare treatments are safe for sensitive skin, dry skin, flaking scalp, eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, skin allergies with anti-aging and antioxidant vitamins for healthier skin.
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Olive Castile Soap for sensitive skin

Pure and naturally moisturizing olive castile soap removes dirt, germs, and make-up, and is the safest soap for sensitive skin. For face, hands and body.


Sulfate-Free Shampoo strengthen and detangle

Our sulfate-free shampoo with magnesium and coltsfoot leaf strengthens hair follicles and stimulates growth. Safe for color treated hair and sensitive scalp.

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Glowy nighttime firming cream for instant hydration

Nourishing antioxidant-rich cream moisturizes, firms and softens skin for a radiant, dewy glow with our proprietary olive glycerin to rejuvenate your skin instantly.

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All natural holistic skincare solutions for beauty, science and stress relief

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"I started making products in 2008, to help my 2 year old who suffered from eczema and sensitive skin.

Using my background in biochemistry and a holistic lifestyle, I adapted a 19th century process for saponifying olive oil into soap and glycerin to create these highly effective products that relieve the symptoms and concerns of the skin.

Email me for a consultation at skin@spadet.com.

-Annabelle, Founder

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