Teri talks about how the Spadet Daily Facial Kit regimen helped her symptoms of breakouts from rosacea and skin feels like a teenager again


We asked our customers to let us know which key words they used to search for Spadet products online. Teri shared her feedback on Spadet Hand & Body Lotion to relieve her dry patches of eczema and later spoke to Annabelle about her experience with Spadet's Daily Facial Kit to help with symptoms of rosacea.
Transcription of video:
Well what I really like about Spadet products are that they're non-toxic and they're natural and organic. I really love the hand and body lotion I feel that it really helps my eczema and keeps it toned down and my skin feels much more hydrated and soft and supple um and when i'm looking for these products or natural products the three words that I would put into a search engine would be um natural organic and skin care.

Hi Terri, it's Annabelle thank you so much for speaking with me today.

So I'm asking you um to come back to talk a little bit about your experience since purchasing our facial kit i know that it's been a couple of weeks maybe um since you started using it and i just wanted to get your feedback uh and also to give our viewers a little understanding of your skin type and you know what your challenges are and what you look for in a skincare product so if you could just tell me a little bit about yourself and your specific you know skin history that would be fantastic. Sure yeah so I tend to be normal to dry kind of more on this dry side you know as I'm aging so I find that I did have bouts of rosacea for like the last seven years but not the typical rosacea where you're red in the face I do tend to be a little rosy in the face but it's more of like a breakout. It's in the family rosacea but it's not the typical rosacea so I've noticed and I've recently had a breakout like last year where i had one antibiotics and use all this like prescription creams like and I noticed that since I've been using your products- the whole facial kit I haven't had a breakout. It's kind of cleared up which is good because it didn't matter what I used even when I did use the prescription products it would kind of still linger the rosacea and it would come and go especially like around the nose area and since i've been using your products it's I haven't had a bout.

I even a little bit of redness that I did have is kind of cleared up so it's so far so good I'm glad I've noticed that it also has been hydrating my skin tremendously like i don't feel like that dry tightness that i've had right so it feels like really soft and supple like really really soft like like I'm a teenager again actually oh my gosh which is like I feel my son's skin like oh my god I think I feel that soft too all right that is it really is I mean it's far better than any product that's out there O mean okay well you have sensitive skin in addition to rosacea right sensitive skin yeah um so I have to be careful what I use and I've over the years i've always wanted to use like an organic product without any additives without any of that junk that's in all the products that you see out there it's very difficult to find a product that's organic with just simple ingredients you have the product that has that and I've noticed just like it's so my skin is so different compared to all the other products that you used to use and i always would always change try this product and then your product came along and it's been the best oh great so um can you run me through your regimen like what what do you do how did you get to this point of you know where you feel this happy with your skin. So I use the herbal toner so like when in the morning I wash my face with the olive castile soap okay and then the liquid so sometimes i use the butter bar which is really good too um and then I uh put the Glyss on in the morning okay and then at night I'll use I'll wash my face again and I'll use the herbal toner which really kind of feels like an extra cleansing but without stripping your skin and without drying it out um so actually it doesn't feel like my skin is really dry after i use it over tone it just feels refreshed and clean and i put the um the serum on which is the vitamin serum vitamin serum yeah i put that on and i and i put it everywhere on my neck too and i even i put it underneath my eyes around my eyes and then i put the glowy on the glowy i find is better for the evening because it's a little more emollient a little more a little heavier but not heavy where it leaves you greasy so I put that on over that okay and it's really I mean when I go before I go to bed my face looks like it's glowing I feel so good I can go to bed now and i feel like all the impurities sitting on my skin oh yeah so um yeah so that's really what I that's my regimen. That's fantastic and you do you find that you need to like really put a lot of product on no no it's very it's very little it's like a little i think it's less than a pea size. it's like those little tiny spring peas that you like that little that you just put a little bit on yeah kind of put it on my skin and my hands a little bit and just rub it on my face right on my neck too and make sure i always get my neck and underneath the eyes so like you don't need like you know a separate product for your eyes or your neck it's like all in one and you just put it everywhere on your face and you're not underneath your eyes right it doesn't sting the eyes right it doesn't sting your eyes oh no i don't put it like on the top of my just put it like underneath it around and it's just a small amount that i use i kind of put it all around my face and it really distributes evenly and so it doesn't feel greasy like some of this stuff you because you think olive oil right and you think oh my god but it's not greasy it's not heavy um your skin kind of absorbs it perfectly

Utilizes it in a way that you wouldn't think right and it just my skin feels so soft right well you know it's not actual olive oil that you're applying to your skin right and we have this proprietary very special and unique process of converting the olive oil into soap and glycerin and so that olive glycerin that's in the Glowy and that's in the Glyss that is uh it's not olive oil it's glycerin- glycerin made from olive oil. Most glycerin on the market is vegetable derived not olive oil derived right so it's very different from any glycerin that you've seen or touched or felt or smelled or used and it's so special because it has all of those nourishing properties, those polyphenols, all the antioxidants and it absorbs deeply and penetrates the skin because it is water and and oil miscible so it can penetrate the skin and then get to the deeper layers and then because it's a humectant where it like attracts moisture from the air it literally like will plump up your skin from the inside out and so all those fine lines that you see they go away because of this like a remarkable ability of this olive glycerin. Right yeah so it's ideal I mean it's definitely definitely noticeable it does feel more supple and just you look a little younger you know especially at my age you know I'm 53 so yeah so it really it's a oh my god it's a godsend to have this product it really is well you look fantastic you look you look half your age and yeah you know what I feel that if you think you know the confidence that products give you you know they change everything your perspective your you know all of those like limiting self beliefs, the self doubt, the lack of drive, the lack of energy, all of those kind of you know play into how you feel and look so i think that when we give ourselves this very special like treatment this gift of beauty of goodness, of wellness that it not only affects one area of our life it literally affects all areas of our life so I'm really glad yeah to not only help you with your skin concerns but also just you look like you know you're in a better place in a way right? Right. Definitely you feel more confident you can you look forward to getting up and cleaning your face and using the products and feel great about it yeah which I look forward to at night when you come home you know I tend to like as soon as I get home like I'm not going out I don't wash my face i want to clean it up and get it yeah so it's um i use i also use the facial spray which I kind of do a little squirt after I do you know clean my face and kind of makes me feel refreshed oh yeah that's right at night too in the morning kind of wakes me up you know those little sprints in the face it feels good oh that's nice yeah that actually is a really good thing to have in your purse you know if you're out and about and you just feel like you need you know a little refreshment you know or you feel like you need to hydrate or you need or you know or you just kind of want to refresh your scent I think that that is a really good tool to have in your pocket right you're talking about scent the aroma roll i love the aroma roll oh that is like so nice i put it like behind my ears a little bit on my chest my wrists the joy scent i really love that's great like i'm in love with that sense oh i'm so glad you like it well i wanted to give you a very special um gift for the holidays so i threw that into your package and i'm glad you appreciate you know that you're enjoying it yeah

Oh well thank you so much for everything and for you know trying our products and extending the line of spa day products in your life um and you know we're here for you we're constantly developing new products so you know i look forward to new products and i'll never i'll never go to another facial product like this is it I found my product um and the e-face powder I love too I use that I do I usually i try to use it once a week because I don't want you know i don't want to use it too much i want to save it because I use it not only on my face but i use it other places like on my body but I you know what i like about the face is that you can you can create the consistency that you want with a little water so if you want a little more a little more exfoliation you put a little water on if you want just light and soft you can put more water it's really I like that you can control the the you know the feel of it you know the if you want it more coarse or a little less coarse right because a lot of a lot of products that you buy um you can't control that it's like one you know right really coarse or not enough you know so it really makes your your face your and what I do is after i do my face i do my hands too I just go right into my hands and it's everything's really soft oh great well that's that's the whole you know i think when I developed each product of spa days line I wanted them them all to be multi-purpose like i i really am trying to consider the value added uh benefits that the products offer um because you know if if we want to streamline our you know selection of products that we use on a daily basis I think that I know I'm busy I don't want to have to make all these purchases I'm really trying to just make some really key choices and use them for my whole family even you know if I can if I can use one product for multiple places or you know they have multiple benefits I'm always looking to offer that type of cost saving and value added benefit to my to my customer so I'm glad that you were able to discover the fact that you know Efface can be used from head to toe you know and the fact that you have control over its grittiness you know that that really is a very key feature to a lot of uh yeah it's very versatile yeah it's it's easy to work with yeah great and it's good for sensitive skin too because it's baking soda definitely yeah yeah it's really good for sensitive skin because a lot of experience out there you know to really rough with the skin and then you end up looking at yourself and it's like oh my god i'm all red but this it doesn't it doesn't do that to your face at all yeah it's really gentle right right and and because it gets finer as you rubbed so when you when you actually exfoliate your skin you it starts to dissolve as you rub it in right right and it gets smaller and smaller until it completely dissolves right yeah that's the magic of it but as it's dissolved it gets finer and gets into the finer lines and it can smooth them out right right and the best part is just looking to wash it off and you know like you your skin feels so soft afterwards it's like oh it feels so nice.

Well yeah great thank you so and then of course you um you follow when you use it on your body you follow it up with the lotion right a body lotion yeah oh my god that is like the best I love that lotion yeah I use that every day morning and night it's great when I go to the shower it's great yeah well it you know it protects your skin and you know we we have to do what we can to protect right um you know to protect our skin so that it will you know prevent any bacterias or viruses from entering and that's you know pretty important it really makes your skin feel really soft yeah I love it love it right and the different two I use every day and I you know all the deodorants out there that with all the aluminum and all the byproducts now I love a natural oh great I didn't know what I didn't even know you you were using this yeah I love the deodorant it lasts all day and it's got a really nice scent yeah really upset you know it's nice great yeah oh I'm glad to hear that um but it lasts all day for you I mean I don't get a lot of feedback on deodorant because it's kind of a new product and people don't know about it yeah uh so I'm really happy to hear that. Actually I know that it's a good product because my daughter uses it and so if it works for her it works for the world I say that about all the products so I'm glad to get your feedback on that I feel like it lasts a long time it does last

it's just the right consistency because sometimes you can get a deodorant that it's too soft and then it like it's too much like it's just the right if you're if you're rubbing it's just the right amount without feeling you don't feel sticky or like there's something there it kind of just it's yeah okay great feeling yeah well that's fantastic I love that well please let me know if there's anything more I can do for you I appreciate you know you using Spadet products and you know I'm so happy to hear that they're working for you. It brings me such joy that I can offer this kind of peace of mind and love and care to people like you who need it the most. Thank you yeah I mean I'm so happy and it brings me a lot of joy to use it. I love it! Great, thank you! Okay we'll talk soon. Okay bye.

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