Annabelle's inspiration

I am inspired.

Not by any one person, cause or goal, but rather from my new-found permission to be happy. Yes, that is correct.

When I was a child, I was hurt, afraid and alone. I believed it when I was told that I was a tree without shade, that I was a bad influence, that I was dumb and ugly, all by trusted relatives, the people who were supposed to love me the most. I also felt abandoned by the people closest to me. They always seemed to disappear without warning and for no reason. I didn’t know how much that all affected me. I thought that it was normal to live in that place filled with insecurity and fear, which eventually lead to self-sabotage.  I prayed so hard for things I wanted, even though I had already decided that it would never come true. Does any of this sound familiar?

This past year, I learned that you don’t have to face challenges head on, getting rejected and painful bruises along the way…no, you can jump right over them! Oh, what a great idea, right? But you cannot be caught flat footed and unprepared. You need energy, effort, momentum, timing and most of all the desire to soar over that hurdle. I recently won in a negotiation with someone who took advantage of me a few years ago. I thought about it all night, eliminating all of the excuses and complaints that the old me would have said. At our meeting, I looked him right in the eyes and said, “No.” This big bully was so confused. It’s as if he had never heard that word before. The word that has been said to me so many times in my life, was so powerful for me to say out loud. I stood my ground and won. I walked out in disbelief with my knees shaking, but I got exactly what I wanted.  

So from now on, I have decided to make myself happy and focus on self-love and inner peace in everything I do. I hope you are inspired by my story. It is so refreshing to stop complaining, apologizing and making excuses, waiting for someone else to make me happy! Treat yourself with self-care (preferably with Spadet products) and spend time with loved ones doing something that brings you joy. Figure out what you are passionate about and share it with the world. And when you are given the ball for that buzzer beating shot, take the shot! When adversity stares you in the face, look it in the eye and leap over it! You will either make it, or learn from it. Either way, you win!

Cheers to us!


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