Annabelle's Daily Word #4 - Go

This is a transcript of a prerecorded stream. You can view the original video here.
break for my son in college, and I had every intention of doing a live stream on his campus while visiting, but as things go, plans were a little messed up. So, here I am, and it's a beautiful spring Saturday afternoon today on April 23rd. I just came back from visiting my son in college, and while I was driving I was thinking of all the different words that I could do today, but today's word comes from my personal experience over the weekend, and the word of the day is... Go! 
it's more of a an action, right? For instance, "let's go!" But, 'go' can actually mean, "wait, think, and then go." My family and I had a very unique experience this weekend where we went into an escape room, and in this room there were all of these hidden puzzles. But, there was no direction as to what to do with those puzzles - there were locks, and safes, and pictures, and they all connected to each other, but there were no directions as to ou have an hour to complete this escape room and it was the four of us - me, my husband ,my son, and my daughter - and, you know, I thought that I was a really good puzzle-solver, but little did I know that an escape room doesn't give you directions, or objectives. You actually have to figure out those clues to find out how to get to the next level. I guess it's kind of similar to
really tells you what the road map is for success. You think you have an idea when you start, like "oh this is the thing I want
world," but sometimes that idea changes, and you have to be open-minded and adapt. When you step on the gas and say, "okay, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna make the leap," you don't ever really know what's coming, or how long it's going to take for you to get to where you want to go, or even what you're going to need in order to get there. So, it's kind of similar to this escape room in that way where, without my son, I feel like we wouldn't have completed it in an hour.
 person. He was able to connect the dots that I couldn't even see, and the key is to zero in on one topic, one subject, one item, one problem at a time, and figure out what that was telling you and how it connected to the next.
So, in the world where we're constantly bombarded with distractions, and we feel like there are other priorities that we have to take care of before we get to the main event, I want to encourage you to just go. Just start. Just begin. See how it works out. Where do you end up? You may realize, "okay, if I finish this I can get  to the next step," and then at the end of the day you may even reach the diamond that you're trying to heist, and succeed.
being who's learning a lot in college and,
have been able to complete the task.
was able to contribute a couple of things here and there, but again, it takes a team. It takes partnership. It takes resilience. So don't give up. Step on the gas. Press go.
rack meet today, and when they say "ready, set, go" who knows?
You might even win.
 let's do great things.
Thank you, and see you again next week. 

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