Annabelle's Daily Word #3 - Freedom

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Hello everyone, how are you today? 

nnabelle, and this is The Daily Word.
intention. Why am i doing this? Why do I do anything that I do? Well, I think that I'm definitely on the path of trying to improve myself, making things better for myself for my family, for my business, and for other people - for the world.
It's a big purpose.
want to learn more, who want to grow, who want to expand and know that there's more work to be done. You know, if you think you have it all figured out, and you're living your perfect life, then maybe this isn't for you. But even in that case, maybe you should tune in anyway, just to see what other people are going through.
Part of that is healing old wounds. It's finding balance, and finding inspiration in the people around you. Ultimately, we want to learn how to love ourselves more. We want to be comfortable in our skin, in our lives, and we want happiness for ourselves.
Freedom. Freedom is very ambiguous, you know? It can mean so many different things. It could be financial freedom, it could be personal freedom, it could be emotional freedom. But I think that the feeling of owning your life and feeling in control of it, but also being able to allow yourself to release and let opportunities to come to you, is the central idea of freedom.
a researcher, as a wife, and a daughter, and a sister, we go through life learning. This week, I had two clients come in, and they taught me a lot about why they had come to me. Some people really need to be heard and supported and I think this community can be that space for you or anyone looking for advice or inspiration. That's what i hope to bring to you on these live shows.
we put ourselves in a box sometimes, and we have no ledge to climb out of that box onto. So, the first step is participating, right? We need to show up. We can't build a community without showing up, you know? When you have get-togethers and you invite friends to meet up or hang out, people have to take the initiative and put in the effort to show up so that they can be part of that group, that community. Even though you don't feel good, or you don't think that you look good, maybe you have to push yourself a little bit and put a little more effort in. community we need to show up, and we need to take interest and effort, and listen to one another.
 today to participate and chat with me, to let me know what they're thinking, or if they have any questions. So, if you have something pressing to ask or you want to make a comment, please do so.
I wanted to have this day and commemorate my birthday which just passed. It's another year older, but I feel like with every birthday there's a new opportunity to start fresh and create a new chapter of your life.
So, on that note, be well.
your beautiful weekend, and see you next Friday at 12.
great things.


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