Annabelle's Daily Word #2 - Hope

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aily Word.
I'm here listening to The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston.  me think of my children because they, really, are my greatest love of all.
As you know, I started Spadet because my daughter had extreme eczema, and I was desperate to find a solution to help her. But as Benjamin Franklin once said, "with adversity comes opportunity", and as kind of a fun fact, Benjamin
 the son of a soap maker!
how I can do my part in the world to be a good role model for them. They inspire me every day, and it brings me to today's daily word, which is hope.
states that "you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending," and I thought that was a really good, actionable idea for when you think of the word hope.
like it's just like this thought in your head, but I want to turn hope into a verb. I want to get some energy and create a new idea surrounding the word.
 in terms of Healing and feeling grounded.
be renewed, and to start fresh. That healing is a very important part of the word hope and I hope that last week's episode on forgiveness served to inspire you to set out on that path toward healing.
think that we should all visualize ourselves doing the thing that we want, or having the thing that we want or
if you visualize all of those things you can actually turn those thoughts into reality a lot faster.
 am a big planner; I believe that you have to actually know how are you going to get from a to b before you set out on a journey. Whether we're headed to a new restaurant, or some unknown destination, we check what the directions are and how to get there. Otherwise, we're just figuring it out as we go along. But even with the things that we hope for and strive for, we
 actually gonna make that happen?"
 think that if we can take action in our lives,  descend upon us, we have making those hopes and dreams into reality.
So, when you think of the word hope, I hope that you can remember these words.
talk to you forever, but let's do great things,
be well.
-Annabelle Santos


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