Annabelle's Daily Word #6 - Listening

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nnabelle Santos, and this is The Daily Word.
and I'm listening to Barbara Streisand, who is definitely one of my favorites, and today I'm going to talk a little bit about
ociety of Cosmetic Chemists annual event at the Javits Center. We had a discussion, and the discussion was really about leadership. One of the things that surprised me was one of the activities that we did as mentors and mentees, which was to do a thinking exercise, focusing a great deal on the idea behind today's daily word - Listening.
is really an uncomfortable skill, because to listen without judgment or reaction - to resist the temptation to interrupt - is very difficult to do. One of the interesting things about what I do here today during The Daily Word is I'm able to
veryone's just listening through the screen, but I hope that you really do listen and think about the words, at the same time coming up with your own questions and thoughts, and possibly even answers for yourself. Talking without anyone interrupting you is also really uncomfortable at first, but as you keep talking it gets easier. If you have the opportunity to listen to someone, I encourage you to. When they're done, ask them what else they think, feel, or want to say. More often than not, if you give people the opportunity, they will spill whatever thoughts they had in the beginning like chatter, and then the real thinking gets released. So, try it. Try to listen, and as you do, stay still. Don't look at your phone or anything, you know, just be completely attentive. Don't make any facial gestures, just be there. Be present, and when they're done then maybe that will give you an opportunity
he reason why listening is so important is because it's one of the steps to leadership, and as a leader, as an innovator, as someone who is trying to influence and guide others, one of the key things that we have to do
to try to motivate them to think for themselves, to give them a challenge and see what they come up with. It's really hard to do that sometimes when you're so used to doing everything yourself like I am. But people will surprise you, and it gives them an opportunity to grow, and to learn from failure, which is the best way to grow.
ohn Quincy Adams: "if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader." I hope that we can all become leaders, listeners, and thinkers so that we can all reach our goals. It's a really great way to help other people, so thank you for listening to me today.
I hope to speak to you and see you next week.

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