Annabelle's Daily Word #5 - Patience

welcome to Annabelle's Daily Word.
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So, without further ado, today's daily word is Patience.
patience is "the capacity to accept or trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset."
frustrated. They say that patience is a virtue because it really is an admirable quality. It's very difficult to sit and be okay with the waiting -- to understand that maybe there's more to learn, that the timing is not right at the moment.
patient? How do you handle that time?
 definitely believe in making yourself comfortable - sitting in a comfortable chair, practicing some self-care meditation, thinking about the things that you can control while you're waiting patiently. When you practice self-care, those can be different things. For me, even just preparing for this Daily Word every week is very relaxing. It helps me dive into my thoughts and think of what
week. Sometimes my word changes from Tuesday to Thursday while I'm preparing and thinking about it. But today, patience seems like the most appropriate because, as we wait for the flowers to come up and bloom, for the sun to stay with us on a daily basis, for it to stay at a comfortable temperature without having to wear a coat, and for the serious rain and wind to pass us by, we need patience.
Maybe we're waiting for some great opportunity. I know that I've exercised a great deal of patience over the years. In fact, my mother even said to me one day, "Annabelle, I'm really surprised at how patient you are." It comes with practice. Take it for what it is and remember that what you resist persists. So, if you're trying to be patient while resisting being patient, it'll just become a much
problem for you. Don't resist being patient. Just try to relax. Try to occupy your thoughts with good things. Make yourself feel better with small little things.
taking a long hot bath, getting your body massaged -- come in for a bodywork treatment in fact! Do whatever it takes. But try to be patient, without being frustrated, and have what's called, "moral excellence."
Until next week, this is Annabelle with The Daily Word.

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