Annabelle's Daily Word #10 - Imagine

ow are you all today?
aily Word.
ohn Lennon. I'm sure you all have heard this song. The reason why I play this for you is because today's daily word is Imagine, as you can guess - as you can imagine! The definition of imagine is to form or have a mental image of something. I think that, as children, we have great imaginations. We allow ourselves to believe in whatever our parents tell us, and we believe in magic; we believe in fairy tales; we believe that there are these figures, like the guy at Christmastime who comes and brings us all the gifts.
with my son, who said that, "matching reality with imagination is when you achieve happiness and success," and if you think about that, I think people who don't imagine, who don't visualize or have a mental image of something happening, or coming true, or being true, lose the opportunity to feel success or to feel happiness. That's what we're missing a lot of in this day and age -- those moments of celebration where we can feel like our imagination and our reality have come together. When you do have these visualizations and this imagination of what could be, and once you achieve those things, it is such a great feeling. It revives our spirit; it makes us feel like things are possible, and it allows us the opportunity to imagine new things.
new products that are solutions to everyday problems. That's what I do here. It requires a huge amount of imagination. I have to believe that these natural ingredients have power - the superpower to eliminate discomfort, to relieve itch, to protect and rejuvenate the skin, make you look younger, make you feel better, and relieve pain - but I have to believe and imagine that the right combination of ingredients can achieve that goal, and for me it takes a lot of time and preparation to just imagine, visualize, and meditate upon it before I actually go to the lab and experiment with those ideas.
to fully realize a product. I know it just sounds so daunting, but it actually is so rewarding. When my reality and my imagination come together in my customer's eyes saying, "Oh my God, it totally worked, it really helped me" or "this is exactly what I needed" or "thank you for giving me a product that doesn't have side effects or doesn't require a prescription from the doctor because this all-natural, nourishing, bountiful harvest of ingredients does it all."
that's what I do. I imagine. I visualize. I give myself goals. This is the kind of thing I want to achieve. This is what it'll feel like. This is why, and this is what it will mean to me once I achieve that. So, set your goals and don't be afraid because you can always change them. You don't even have to tell anybody what your goals are. I have a little book, and I just write my ideas out. It's so valuable for me to have a pen that I can just jot my ideas down on. Then, later on, years later, you can go back and see what those ideas were and if they worked. It's kind of like a diary, or a journal, or a log. I think that we all need to keep record of how we've improved, how our imagination, our visualization, and our goals have come to fruition, and celebrate that. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a moment of truth where you can just be happy and feel success.
me again next week.
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