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Whole Foods Debut

Many people ask me how I got my third baby, Spadét into Whole Foods and may be surprised by my response. There isn’t a simple answer with steps 1-3. There isn’t one particular person or organization that I can point you to. Rather, there are a series of learning experiences, roadblocks, mistakes and disasters that come before meeting the person or organization that can get you in front of Whole Foods. This is a necessary part of the process because when you get your chance, you must be ready!

Spadét had a great debut at the grand opening of Whole Foods in Harlem yesterday. I offered hand exfoliation treatments to the customers who were there to shop and check out the beautiful store that was fully stocked with all that Whole Foods has to offer plus products from local vendors who like me, were excited to sell their labor of love at such a reputable chain.  I met the mothers of young children who were suffering from eczema, those who had common skin concerns like acne, sensitive skin, skin allergies, aging skin, dry skin, flaking scalp, as well as those who were looking for safe and new products for healthier looking skin.  My wish came true…we sold out of O’Live Castile Soap in every scent and other products I was demonstrating, Lavender Hand & Body Lotion and Body Buffers, all within my 4 hour time slot.  I even had to take email addresses from those who wanted me to inform them when the sold out products were back in stock.

I received my second purchase order at the end of day 1. The order was ready and delivered in less than 12 hours. Initially, I was thinking that if I could get into all 39 stores in the Northeast Region and sell them 1 case/month, that would be fantastic, but now my goal is to sell 39 cases/month to my first store. Then work on getting into the 39 stores x 39 cases/month. A lot more experiences, roadblocks, mistakes and disasters may come up before then, but that’s all part of the journey.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers, interns, friends, family, mentors, advisors, lenders, colleagues, organizations, agencies and customers for their support. I need you now more than ever to help me get to the next step. Come visit me at Whole Foods in Harlem to share in the pride and excitement of reaching this milestone, and check out my new website at with special thanks to Karen Jeanne Radley for her help with the redesign.


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