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Personalize your own Spadét 100% natural O’Live Castile Liquid Soap: gentle, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.  We use only the purest, first cold press olive oil to produce a moisturizing soap for the face, hands, body or hair. As a result, this pure soap works efficiently at keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated with essential oils for aromatherapy and wellness. In addition, it is also mild and safe for children of all ages and those with sensitive skin.  Enjoy clean, clear and beautiful skin today!

  • washes away dirt
  • dissolves oils
  • removes makeup
  • restores clear, even skin tone
  • rejuvenates youthful glow
  • prevents dry, irritated and itchy skin
  • feel softer and more supple
  • nourishing and antioxidant-rich
  • won’t strip skin of natural oils

Best soap for sensitive skinBest soap for sensitive skin.

Bergamot: Recommended for Oily skin, acne, eczema.

Eucalyptus: Helps with acne, sun spots, and skin irritation.

Geranium: Minimizes wrinkles, tightens skin and relieves dry skin.

Grapefruit Oil: Recommended for acne and blemishes.

Jasmine: Soothes, moisturizes.

Lavender: Antioxidant, reverses signs of anti-aging, calms skin. Recommended for acne, scars, age spots.

Lemon: Hydrates dry skin, purifies, and detoxifies skin.

Orange Oil: Boosts collagen, reduces wrinkles and detoxifies skin.

Peppermint Oil: Calms skin, evens out skin tone and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Rosemary: Improves skin circulation, lightens age spots, wrinkles, reduces acne.

Spearmint: Reduces itching.

Star Anise: Exfoliates, reduces wrinkles and scars, and boost skin elasticity.

Tea-tree: Antibacterial, reduces acne and soothes skin.

Vanilla: Anti-inflammatory, reduces acne and nourishes the skin.

Ylang-ylang: Balances excess oil, nourishes and soothes skin.