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For Immediate Release: logo, SPAdet

Gina @ “Revitalizing Hair Serum: I am in love. I dye my hair with a double process, which means double damage. This revitalizing hair serum is the best I’ve ever worked with. You can put it on damp or dry hair and it’s affect is fantastic. The quality of my hair improved right away. It was shinier and the dryness I was struggling with disappeared. Most hair serums I have encountered have been to heavy for my fair hair but the oils in this serum do not weigh it down. The consistency is light and it is easily applied to all your hair, all you need is one pump for perfect results. It gave my hair it’s health back which I am so excited about. I am sold.”

Gina @ “All Natural Hair and Body Wash: This product has saved me a lot of grief. I have been on the search of a natural hair product that could work with my dry scalp. The product has been super gentle on my hair and scalp while cleansing it because it uses no harsh chemicals. It’s a surprisingly runny liquid which means you need to be conscientious of diluting it with your shower water while applying. This fact does not affect the quality. I like to have a day in between my hair washes, so that my natural oils can build up. I’ve always found it challenging but with this product I had the unexpected result of being able to take that break in between while maintaining light non oily hair. And as a body wash it has kept my skin clean and fresh. Plus it smells delicious.”

Gina @ “Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion: Talk about effective. It’s an undiluted (no water added) blend of oils and antioxidants. This is key because lotion diluted with water will actually dry your skin out as the water evaporates. I figured I’d give the product some tough tests. I not only put it on my normal skin (which adored it) but also on my super dry elbows. The response to the lotion was instant. My elbows were dry and stayed dry to the next day when I purposefully didn’t aply any to see the affect. I continued putting it on all over and my skin felt smoother, healthier and looked better. It doesn’t stay super oily or sticky. The consistency is thick but it feels light on the skin. It smells super good which is a plus.”



MadeUpNY Logo, SPAdet

Alice An, “Spadét Nutrient-rich Facial spray– Pronounced “Spah-DAY.” This is a new discovery for me. I met Annabelle recently at a Beautypress event and fell in love. I always carry a facial mist anytime I get on a plane because the dry, recycled air is not only horrific for skin, it also does a number on my sinuses. I never purposefully inhale my sprays, but I find that a spritz anytime I start to feel too parched helps me get through the fight comfortably. It’s also nice when I need a pick me up during the day. Spadét’s spray is not only rich with moisture, it also has Himalayan sea salt to help draw out impurities, and smells like heaven.”



Haute Diary Logo, SPAdetDesha, “One of our favorite brands at the event was Spadét. The small natural beauty brand provided guests with a quick demonstration of its amazing product line. Spadét






was founded by biochemist and loving mom Annabelle Santos who created the line in response to her daughter’s eczema. Santos combined her knowledge of chemistry and holistic health to create a non-toxic all natural skin care line. Our must have product on the line is the “Bombettes” exfoliator. These lavender scented orbs exfoliate skin easily and safely.



Beauty Life Geek Logo SPAdetKrystal on Hand & Body Lotion, “Very moisturizing, my skin feels great after each use! I also noticed an improvement in my skin texture. I would recommend Spadét

Hand & Body Lotion to anyone with dry to sensitive skin. It will help heal and soothe your skin, as well as improve your skin’s texture.

Krystal on e-FACE, “I love the foaming factor, interesting feature to an exfoliate treatment. I noticed that my skin feels softer.”

Krystal on Facial Spray, “Travel-friendly, and compact for a quick skin refresher. I would recommend Spadét Nutrient-Rich Facial Spray to everyone with all skin types. Great for a daily skin refresher and toner.

Krystal on Hair & Body Wash, “Cleansed and Moisturized my skin very well. I would recommend Spadét Hair & Body Wash to anyone with all skin types, and anyone with oily hair.”



Lloyd, “The skin care industry which used to make products strictly for women is finally recognizing the male consumer. Spadét ( has introduced Body Buffer that relieves irritations and dry patches that frequently occur after working out. Likewise its Castile Foaming Soap removes dirt, excess oil and/or sweat without drying out your skin as most other soaps do.”