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Cleansing O’Live Castile Soap Base- This gentle head to toe cleanser/soap removes makeup, dissolves oils and washes away dirt.

Strengthening Sulfate-free O’Live Shampoo Base- No suds and chemical-free, washes away excess oils and moisturizes with olive oil.

Rejuvenating O’Live Glycerin Base- The perfect solution for all of your skin woes. Soft, supple and fresh!

Hydrating O’Live Body Oil Base- A special blend of oils that won’t leave you feeling greasy.

Soothing Aloe Vera Spray Base- Spritz away to neutralize odor, soothe skin or prep for makeup.  You won’t leave home without it.


Activated Charcoal: absorbs oils from the skin, recommended for oily skin

Burdock Root Powder: contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to relieve eczema symptoms

Coenzyme Q10: antioxidant to protect skin, promote rejuvenation

Coltsfoot Leaf Powder: reduces inflammation, antioxidant, anti-aging

Dandelion Powder: hydrates, reduces acne and signs of aging

Green Tea Powder: rejuvenates and brightens the skin

Mugwort Herb Powder: soothes irritated skin, fights acne, relieves itching

Turmeric: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, lightens dark spots. Recommended for acne, eczema, skin irritations

Vitamin B7 (Biotin): improves hair volume

Vitamin C: it is an antioxidant that helps build collagen, protects skin from sunlight exposure

Vitamin E: helps moisturize skin and treats dark spots


Argan Nut Oil : moisturizes, anti-aging and evens out skin tone

Castor Oil: moisturizes, reduces fine lines and cleanses the skin

Coconut Oil: softens, anti-bacterial, reduces acne 

Evening Primrose Oil: reduces acne, wrinkles and age spots

Grapefruit seed oil: cleanses, reduces oils and acne

Hemp Seed Oil: firms and tightens, reduces wrinkles

Jojoba Oil: moisturizing, skin balancing, similar to skin’s natural sebum

Kokum Butter: prevents wrinkles, moisturizes and soothes skin

Mango Butter: anti-aging, softens and soothes the skin

Olive Oil: rich in antioxidants, moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and dark spots

Evening Primrose oil: reduces acne, wrinkles and dark spots

Pumpkin Seed Oil: reduces skin inflammation, reduces oily skin and protects skin from environment

Rosehip Oil: reduces age spots and symptoms of eczema

Safflower Oil: reduces wrinkles and acne

Shea Butter: moisturizing, soothing, softening

Squalane oil (Olive): reduces acne scarring, smoothes skin and improves hydration

Bergamot: reduces stress, depression, anxiety; recommended for oily skin, acne, eczema

Eucalyptus: good for respiratory issues, enhances concentration; helps with acne, sun spots, and skin irritation

Geranium: helps fight depression, anxiety and digestion issues; minimizes wrinkles, tightens skin and relieves dry skin

Grapefruit Oil: anti-depressant mood booster; antibacterial to reduce acne and blemishes

Jasmine: eases depression, respiratory problems, addiction issues, and reduces tension and stress; soothes, moisturizes skin

Lavender: stress-relieving, antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory; antioxidant, calms skin, acne, scars, age spots

Lemon: boosts concentration, aids in digestion; eases symptoms of acne and arthritis, purifies and detoxifies skin

Orange Oil: increases energy and mood-lifting; boosts collagen, reduces wrinkles and detoxifies skin

Peppermint Oil: enhances mental alertness, energy-boosting, cooling, refreshing; calms skin, evens out skin tone and works as an anti-inflammatory

Rosemary: mental stimulant, antidepressant, for focus and brain performance; improves skin circulation, lightens age spots, wrinkles, reduces acne

Tea-tree: boosts immune system and fights infections; antibacterial, reduces acne and soothes skin

Vanilla: calming, fights depression, anti-inflammatory, reduces acne and nourishes the skin

Ylang-ylang: calming, reduces stress, soothes headaches; balances excess oil, nourishes and soothes skin