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Creating a Healthier Spa Experience

Many of you will be going to the SPA this holiday season to pamper yourself or to finally redeem the gift certificate you received last holiday season before it expires.  For those of you who are like me and cannot get to the spa as often as we would like, give yourself an at-home spa treatment using Spadét products and feel beautiful each and every day!

If you are fortunate enough to carve out some time to receive a spa treatment,  be sure to get the most for your money while receiving a truly rejuvenating experience. Spa services are evolving from more than just a basic massage, mani/pedi or facial.  Today we expect spas to transform us to feel refreshed, beautiful and relaxed.  But shouldn’t we also want them to be healthy for us as well? Here are some ways to help achieve this goal.

I attended a seminar by spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hanh, where we were told to focus on the inhale part of our breathing.  This quiets the mind and makes all of the thoughts of the past and future go away, bringing you to the present moment where you can fully relax.  Your mind will bring your attention to your spa service in order to truly enjoy the experience. So put down your cell phone or magazine and stop talking.  (It’s hard to listen to your inhale when speaking!)

I also learned about Mindful Consumption. This means that what we choose to eat and put on our bodies is important to achieving good health and a sustainable environment. Everything we consume, whether we put it in or on our body, affects our health over time. When you select your next spa treatment, find out what ingredients are in their products and choose all natural products with antioxidants.  Your skin is an organ and anything you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Natural oils and body cleansing products made of natural ingredients are not only healthy, but also more effective for achieving smooth, soft skin.

One more consideration when selecting your spa service is to choose providers that use products that contain natural essential oils for fragrance. Most synthetic fragrances on the market today are derived from petroleum by-products and are toxic to the human body over time. Essential oils are concentrated oils containing aromatherapy compounds from plants to enhance and stimulate your senses. They can lift your spirit, calm your nerves and soothe your soul, depending on the essential oils you choose.

So ask your spa provider what’s in the products they use and encourage them to offer all-natural alternatives for all of their services.  And don’t forget how to breathe!

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