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Expo Revisited

I attended the Natural Products Expo West/ Engredea/ Next Trend Convention in CA last week and hit the ground running with a schedule packed with many classes.  The event drew in a record 67,000 attendees, with many being exhibitors traveling from all over the world. 

As for networking opportunities, my amazing Marketing & Brand Manager, Angel, made connections with companies that we hope to work with in the future.  There were Town Halls where we heard from industry leaders about their commitment to carrying products that are safe in order to better advocate for their customers, seminars by some of the biggest brands, tons of protein bars and every variety of fruit infused coconut water known to man.  I am happy that I was able to attend the Expo because it validates many of the choices I made when creating the line.  I am proud to say that SPAdet products are non-toxic, 100% natural and full of healthy essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  We provide the transparency and education to help consumers feel confident about selecting SPAdet for all of their personal care needs. Now all we have to do is spread the word.