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SPAdet in the Big League


I exhibited at the annual National Minority Supplier Diversity Conference in Orlando, Florida a few days ago. I found myself among the biggest and best companies in the world. Across the aisle from my booth were companies like Google, The Home Depot and Starbucks. For a small business owner, it was quite surreal to have such an opportunity. I made connections with huge retailers who were willing to talk to me about how to get SPAdet products in their stores. I received really valuable lessons on the need to promote SPAdet products in a way that fills a gap in their existing product line. The good news is that I created the SPAdet line with the intention of making products that perform in an innovative way. At first, I thought that I had made a mistake in making “disruptive” products, but the more I learn about what retailers are looking for, I am grateful for taking the chance. If I met you at the event and you are reading this now, thank you for spending the time to speak with me and know that you have given me something already…Hope!