Bombette Applicator Bottle


A convenient and gentle way to cleanse private areas. Fill Bombette Applicator Bottle with lukewarm water to 6 oz line. Drop one Bombette into the water to dissolve, then wash the area. Repeat as needed. This mild solution is great for infant bathing, toddler potty training, post pregnancy, after exercise, during menstruation and as a moisturizing hair rinse. For external use only.

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Product Description

For external use only. Replace as needed.

Annabelle’s Suggestions

Personal hygiene changes as we get older and so do our needs for managing it.  The Bombette Applicator Bottle will help you target cleanse your private area or those of your child whenever you need to feel clean and fresh.  Also a great aid for potty training!  Just drop a Bombette into the bottle with warm water and you have a mild, soap free cleansing solution that smells great too!





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