SPAdet in the Big League


I exhibited at the annual National Minority Supplier Diversity Conference in Orlando, Florida a few days ago. I found myself among the biggest and best companies in the world. Across the aisle from my booth were companies like Google, The Home Depot and Starbucks. For a small business owner, it was quite surreal to have such an opportunity. I made connections with huge retailers who were willing to talk to me about how to get SPAdet products in their stores. I received really valuable lessons on the need to promote SPAdet products in a way that fills a gap in their existing product line. The good news is that I created the SPAdet line with the intention of making products that perform in an innovative way. At first, I thought that I had made a mistake in making “disruptive” products, but the more I learn about what retailers are looking for, I am grateful for taking the chance. If I met you at the event and you are reading this now, thank you for spending the time to speak with me and know that you have given me something already…Hope!

Expo Revisited

I attended the Natural Products Expo West/ Engredea/ Next Trend Convention in CA last week and hit the ground running with a schedule packed with many classes.  The event drew in a record 67,000 attendees, with many being exhibitors traveling from all over the world. 

As for networking opportunities, my amazing Marketing & Brand Manager, Angel, made connections with companies that we hope to work with in the future.  There were Town Halls where we heard from industry leaders about their commitment to carrying products that are safe in order to better advocate for their customers, seminars by some of the biggest brands, tons of protein bars and every variety of fruit infused coconut water known to man.  I am happy that I was able to attend the Expo because it validates many of the choices I made when creating the line.  I am proud to say that SPAdet products are non-toxic, 100% natural and full of healthy essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  We provide the transparency and education to help consumers feel confident about selecting SPAdet for all of their personal care needs. Now all we have to do is spread the word.

Stop Harming Your Skin, Choose Safe and Natural Beauty Products

Did you know that women absorb up to 5 lbs. of chemicals from beauty products through their skin every year?  Are you aware that the skin is the largest organ in our body and everything you put on it is absorbed straight into your bloodstream? This may be even more toxic than ingesting toxic chemicals in food because everything you eat is first broken down by the enzymes in your saliva aThe tricky part about finding safe products is that most of us cannot even pronounce the names of the chemicals listed under ingredients.  Nor do we know what byproducts are formed in solution when two or more chemicals are combined.  For example, the most trusted baby shampoo that has been around for decades, Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo, just recently removed two chemicals from their formula due to pressure from environmental working groups, after years of knowing these chemicals were contributing to releasing formaldehyde into their signature product.  Customers would not have found formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane listed on the bottles, since they weren’t technically ingredients, but rather byproducts of chemicals used as preservatives. They  invested tens of millions of dollars and a team of close to 200 people who worked for two years to remove the chemicals, while keeping the change as invisible as possible.  Many other brands add sulfates, parabens and phthalates, which are among dozens of chemicals considered dangerous — because they cause cancer, reproductive damage or other health or environmental harm.

Earlier this week, Walmart announced 10 “high-priority” chemicals to be removed or reduced from beauty products, baby and household supplies and pet products sold at their store, with dozens more “priority” chemicals, however, they will not release the names of those chemicals to the public.  Wal-Mart is working with suppliers to find safe substitute ingredients, and says it will track its suppliers’ progress and update customers by January 2016.  Although it will take time for the changes to go into effect, we are happy to hear that they are taking this initiative.

When I started SPAdet 5 years ago as a treatment for my 2 year old’s problem skin, I first became aware of all the chemicals present in the products I was commonly using. Although I had no idea what was really going on behind the scenes at the time, the more I researched the many complex ingredients, and their side-effects, the more I became convinced these chemicals were connected to my daughter’s skin issues. I also knew in my heart, knowing the dangers of some of these ingredients, there had to be a better way.

My journey has led me to the creation of the SPAdet line of skin and haircare products. I am so proud to offer to other women and mothers, a safe and effective solution. SPAdet uses only pure, 100% natural ingredients in all of our products.


Annabelle and Devansmall

A Mother’s Legacy

Just like flowers, we nurture and admire their beauty. We’ve spent years doing everything possible to keep them healthy and strong with proper care and nutrients. Then one day, they grow out from the safety of our pot, ready to be re-planted to brighten someone else’s day. Nurturing goes deeper than the skin, but certainly a good place to start!

As a mother, I strive to provide an environment for my child where she can learn and grow to be happy and healthy. But I also wonder, “Have I done enough? Am I being a good role model for her? Am I giving her the tools she needs for a successful future?” When I look at my 7 year old daughter’s face, I think of her future- the kind of woman she will become, what the world will be like when she becomes a mother herself and the legacy I want to leave for her. If she has a problem, I do whatever I can to solve it. When she has a question, I encourage her thoughtfulness and wonder. My daughter was my inspiration in formulating a line of 100% natural and healthy bath and body products. When she was 2 years old, she had a problem with dry, itchy skin on her torso. I noticed that it became worse after the bath and tried many different products to relieve it, however nothing worked. With my background in biochemistry and naturopathic experience, I researched and developed treatments to find the healthiest ingredients and formulated effective solutions for common hair and skin problems. Five years later, SPAdet was born.

SPAdet products give your skin a healthy glow inside and out. Our focus is on generating healthy cells and feeding them nutrients and vitamins to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, and looking healthy and more vibrant. This is achieved by exfoliating the top layer of skin cells, thereby unclogging pores and allowing new cells to surface and regenerate, then infusing them with fatty acid and antioxidant rich oils to moisturize and protect. This prevents dry skin, premature aging, acne, thinning hair and dry, flaky scalp. SPAdet products offer a healthy, spa quality experience in the luxury of your own home so that everyone can enjoy a mini SPAdet (spa-day) everyday!

I hope that one day, when my daughter tells me she is ready to grow her own flowers, she too will find a way to cultivate her life lessons and share it with them.

SPAdet’s 100% Natural and Sustainable Hair & Body Products at Top Health & Beauty Boutiques In NYC

The SPAdet All Natural Beauty Collection can be found at the following health and beauty boutiques.

  • Clyde’s, 926 Madison Ave.
  • Willner Chemists, 100 Park Ave.
  • Willner Chemists, 253 Broadway
  • Thompson Alchemists, 449 W. Broadway
  • The Health Nuts, 1208 Second Ave.
  • Sustainable NYC, 139 Avenue A
  • Zen Medica, 143 W. 72nd St.
  • Chelsea Specialty Pharmacy, 175 Seventh Ave.
  • Thompson Chemists, 137 Thompson St.
  • Ayurveda Center, 204 W. 96th St.

Creating a Healthier Spa Experience

Many of you will be going to the SPA this holiday season to pamper yourself or to finally redeem the gift certificate you received last holiday season before it expires.  For those of you who are like me and cannot get to the spa as often as we would like, give yourself an at-home spa treatment using SPAdet products and feel beautiful each and every day!

If you are fortunate enough to carve out some time to receive a spa treatment,  be sure to get the most for your money while receiving a truly rejuvenating experience. Spa services are evolving from more than just a basic massage, mani/pedi or facial.  Today we expect spas to transform us to feel refreshed, beautiful and relaxed.  But shouldn’t we also want them to be healthy for us as well? Here are some ways to help achieve this goal.

I attended a seminar by spiritual leader, Thich Nhat Hanh, where we were told to focus on the inhale part of our breathing.  This quiets the mind and makes all of the thoughts of the past and future go away, bringing you to the present moment where you can fully relax.  Your mind will bring your attention to your spa service in order to truly enjoy the experience. So put down your cell phone or magazine and stop talking.  (It’s hard to listen to your inhale when speaking!)

I also learned about Mindful Consumption. This means that what we choose to eat and put on our bodies is important to achieving good health and a sustainable environment. Everything we consume, whether we put it in or on our body, affects our health over time. When you select your next spa treatment, find out what ingredients are in their products and choose all natural products with antioxidants.  Your skin is an organ and anything you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Natural oils and body cleansing products made of natural ingredients are not only healthy, but also more effective for achieving smooth, soft skin.

One more consideration when selecting your spa service is to choose providers that use products that contain natural essential oils for fragrance. Most synthetic fragrances on the market today are derived from petroleum by-products and are toxic to the human body over time. Essential oils are concentrated oils containing aromatherapy compounds from plants to enhance and stimulate your senses. They can lift your spirit, calm your nerves and soothe your soul, depending on the essential oils you choose.

So ask your spa provider what’s in the products they use and encourage them to offer all-natural alternatives for all of their services.  And don’t forget how to breathe!


When we use natural products, we also contribute to the health of the environment. Many commercial brands use artificial ingredients to provide the sensory experience that consumers are used to, however this introduces toxins into your body and eventually released into the water supply. Just look at the ingredients on your labels and imagine drinking them. It’s really the same thing.


The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs the harmful toxins from personal care products that then enter the bloodstream. This can have very harmful effects on our bodies and cause the development of free radicals.

These free radicals start destructive chain reactions in our body and damage our cells. After destroying one cell they move on to the next cell. They continue damaging our cells until they are destroyed by antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that neutralize free radicals and stop their destructive chain reactions. Our skin is naturally smooth and elastic because it possesses connective tissues and elastic tissues. When young, these tissues are quite strong making our skin very soft and elastic. As we grow older and become more exposed to our polluted environment, free radicals are formed in our bodies, destroying elastic tissues and causing connective tissues to lose strength. This loosens our skin and results in wrinkles.

To combat these devastating free radicals, our bodies need adequate amounts of antioxidants. An effective way to provide skin with the necessary free-radical-fighting antioxidants is through the use of natural oils. SPAdet products are made with all natural oils and ingredients that effectively moisturize and cleanse the skin and hair without the use of sulfates, parabens and toxins while promoting healthy cell regeneration to prevent premature aging and improve the quality of skin.


Great skin that is clear and smooth can be achieved with a daily regimen using all natural products. Radiant and hydrated skin looks youthful and healthy and can improve self-confidence.

Have you ever taken a shower or a bath only to find your skin and hair feels dry afterwards? You apply lotion and have to reapply within a few hours?  Shampoo may strip hair and scalp of natural oils, replacing them with an itchy, waxy buildup that suffocates the scalp and plugs hair follicles.  Artificial ingredients are harsh on your skin and provide a temporary solution to a problem that it caused.

Acne occurs when hair follicles are plugged by sebum, an oily substance made by your skin. When bacteria, which love the environment created by the plug, start feeding and breeding inside the pores, the body’s immune system responds by sending white blood cells to attack the bacteria. This results in inflammation—small bumps or pimples. It is this inflammation that results in scarring, dark marks, and discoloration.

An all natural cleansing regimen using SPAdet products is simple and effective.  SPAdet products use ingredients that are derived from nature. We also use aromatherapy blends of essential oils to go beyond the sensory experience you are used to and improve it!