I began developing SPADÉT products that are healthy and sustainable to cleanse, nourish and protect my daughter’s skin in 2008 because she suffered from extreme eczema and I was unable to find a solution to      relieve her pain using conventional products.   With my background in biochemistry and natural remedies, I researched, experimented and designed a product that completely resolved my daughter’s eczema.  Through the years, I continued to tackle some of the other skin and hair concerns my family faced, including thinning hair, flaking scalp, acne and premature aging and over the next 6 years, created a full line of products for the whole family. Today, one of my greatest joys is seeing and hearing that the results of my work is bringing great comfort and confidence to my family and customers.

SPADÉT is committed to using only healthy, all natural ingredients that are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Our products are very effective because they are made with pure, non-toxic ingredients that contain healthy antioxidants and vitamins to feed the skin and relieve common concerns such as eczema, acne, premature aging and thinning hair. We test only on our most beloved friends and offer no risk to the safety and sustainability of our water supply. Our formulations do not include chemicals that may be potentially dangerous to your health or the earth.

Be well,